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Unbeatable Maintenance and Service Contracts

Our maintenance contracts are available with both new installs and installs from other companies.


Hi-Tech Air Filtration Systems

Using the latest in air filtration technology and state of the art air extraction products.


Air Conditioning Repair Kent, London, Sussex & east Sussex

Aspen Service provides Air Conditioning Repair throughout London, Sussex, East Sussex and in Kent.

Air conditioning (or air con) and heat pump equipment is extremely reliable but, as with all mechanical equipment, breakdowns can occur, however well maintained the equipment may be. When this happens it is good to know that help is readily on-hand.  

Our air conditioning repair service covers all makes and models of ac equipment and includes heat pumps and refrigeration.

Our engineers are professionally trained in a very large variety of air conditioning and heat pump equipment and configurations, and have good back-up in the office to ensure that systems are back up and running with the minimum of delay.

Air Conditioning Repair - Types of equipment

Aspen Service provides a comprehensive and competitive air conditioning repair service on all air conditioning products and applications including the following systems;

Floor and Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units – We can provide an air conditioning repair service for the majority of branded units, which are usually found in offices, and small industrial units.

Cassette Air Conditioning System – These are usually concealed within ceiling or roofing voids of the office or unit. Dependant on the type of ceiling and how the unit is fixed within it will affect the repair time and disruption caused, please ask our air conditioning repair team for more information.

Ducted Air Conditioning – Usually concealed in suspended ceilings and designed to blend with office designs to be unobtrusive to the eye. The level of disruption will be greater due to the work involved in getting to the unit although our air conditioning engineers will always do their utmost to avoid as much disruption as possible.

Chilled Water Air Conditioning – Usually situated on the roof of a building servicing a larger area or an entire building. This is done by piping the cold water through a building connecting to individual air handlers. Find out if a whole building is affected by the problem or if it is located in one area.

Clean Rooms and Close Control Air Conditioning – Clean rooms, including server rooms, hospital operating theatres and laboratories require a more exacting system enabling control of humidity, filtration, pressure, air flow and temperature.

Air Conditioning Repair - Other Areas Covered

Aspen Service provides a comprehensive and competitive air conditioning repair service on all air conditioning products and applications in the following Areas: